For Recovering Minds: The Best Addiction Recovery App


Addiction is one of the deadliest parasites that impact a person’s mind. It is not easy, especially for the youth, to not say no to addiction if other people coerce them. Likewise, recovering from addiction is also one of the most challenging tasks. Suffering from addiction for an extended period will lead to various mental illnesses; fortunately, mental health retreats for men are working tirelessly to help people get out of addiction and mental illness. To be honest, getting rid of a habit is complex, and it becomes much more complicated if the victims end up isolated and stigmatized. The vital part of recovery is preventing relapse and setting a positive mindset for the victim so they can return to their everyday lifestyle.

People can stay calm and safe within the recovery programs, and their friends and family can help maintain their healthy lifestyles outside the center. There is another way to stay sober, and that is through an addiction recovery application. It helps ease the addiction recovery process. We look at some of the best addiction recovery apps.

Best Addiction Recovery App

Best Addiction Recovery Application:

I Am Sober App:

One of the most recommended apps, it helps you customize your life of sobriety in the form of reviews, interactive updates, and activity tracking. You can look at your activities for the whole day, providing analytics to make your next day’s resolution much better. The daily tracker in the app helps you set new milestones for the next day; its calendar lets you make daily routines up to weeks and can give a comparison chart regarding your performance against other users. The information in the application is full of clarity with a visual analysis of your activities and helps you interact with communities with similar cases.

Simple Habit App:

This app primarily helps you cope with anxiety and depression, which are the side effects of substance abuse. This app allows you to set a daily meditation timetable so you can meditate according to the instructions without any obstacles. It provides a good sleeping session guide alongside motivational dialogue so that it gets easier to go through the entire day. It helps you meditate according to your timetable with the correct form of meditation. Moreover, it is free therefore fighting mental illness becomes smoother than expected.

Sober Time App:

It is a premium app, and however, the service is worth the money you will invest. Alongside setting the milestones, you can see the daily activities you have performed throughout the day with mind-blowing graphics. With daily motivational texts to boost your positivity, you can also make many friends from the community with whom you can share the most phase of recovery.


Many argue that an online app will do no good to recovering addicts, but this is not the case because sometimes proper communities and support can be found through these apps. Therefore, the usage of addiction recovery apps is as much crucial as counseling.


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