How Can A Beam Straightening Machine Be Built From Scratch?


A beam straightening machine or a beam line machine is a welding machine used to accurately drill holes in a steel object. They are mostly used in heavy construction, an essential piece of equipment for manufacturing some of the most substantial industrial equipment. The process of manufacturing or operating that beam straightening machine from scratch is quite interesting.

Usually, the beam straightening machine includes a bending roller, tension roller, and straightening roller group, which also has a steel roller group. These parts include various support and work rolls, which determine the depth and bend of the sheet rolls according to the depth level of the sheet rolls. The beam straightening machine needs to be adjusted appropriately so that unwanted accidents do not occur. Moreover, the beam straightening machine also has alternative ways to change correctly; however, it is crucial to understand the assembling the operating process of this machine. Therefore, without any further ado, it is time to see the manufacturing process of the beam straightening machine from scratch.

Types Of Scheme In Beam Straightening Machines:

The roll straightening machine is one of the alternatives to the beam straightening machine, which reduce and adequately adjusts the level of sheet rolls. Then there is the small deformation straightening scheme for this machine which reduces the extra amount of roller so that the beam straightening machine can function correctly. Similarly, there is a large deformation straightening scheme that even out the shape of the sheet rollers so that the final product does not look like a disaster.

Beam Straightening Machine Parameter Adjustment:

If the materials for the machine have different steel grades and the same thickness, both the exit and entrance of the straightening machine increase to yield the same strength of the material.

If the materials for the machine have vice versa condition to the first point, then the amount of reduction at the outlet and inlet of the machine decreases, and the material thickness increases.

It is important to note that the average population depression value of the machine should be at least 30%, and the outlet depression value should be 10% of the material thickness.

The Straightening Preparation:

  1. Prepare for the lubrication system consisting of thin oil.
  2. The adjustment position should be zero alongside all the ranged indicators if a roll is used.
  3. The function and validity of the limit switch and brake should be checked thoroughly.
  4. Check for any abnormality and damage in the system of the machine.

Beam Straightening Machine Operation:

  1. Measure and adjust the roll’s gap and shape according to the material’s thickness and space.
  2. Check the consoles of the machine to start the main or the correct drive motor. The quality and position of the steel roll should be carefully checked at this point.
  3. If the position is perfect, the passing will continue automatically. Otherwise, the upper roll must be lifted and pressed downwards once again.


The machinery functions are not easy to understand; however, keeping some basic knowledge can help prevent unnecessary errors. Therefore, it is vital to check and be cautious regarding manufacturing something like the beam straightening machine.

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